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Machu Picchu, tape production at Cusco Historical Sanctuary after nearly seven days of recordings Inkas and Abra decided to finish filming Wonder of the World to film scenes with vehicles in the sacred valley of Malaga.

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Reported by Daily mailOn Monday night, September 13, actors Anthony Ramos and Dominic Fishback returned to Cusco with the group. For his part, director Steven Cable Jr. did the same on Tuesday morning.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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As you may remember, The cast and their twins are recorded in the decorations located in front of the Sun Temple, the Temple of the Three Ports, the Inca Bridge and the Huayna Bitch., They completed the planned locations for their return to Cusco.

Jose Bostonde, chairman of the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park, previously noted that for the recordings of the new film “Transformers” Saga, no robot or large vehicle has entered the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary.

Of the production staff, direction, assistants, actors and stuntmen, about 100 came to Cusco, 50 of whom traveled to Machu Picchu, while others stayed in the city to study elsewhere.

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Thus began the recording of “transformers” in Machu Picchu

Filming for the new Transformers movie, titled Transformers: The Waking of the Beasts, began in Peru three weeks ago from Paramount Pictures. (Source: Latin TV)
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