Torun demands fines of more than PLN 1.3 billion from Ravaco.  It relates to defects in the unit of Jaworzno Power Plant

Jaworzno Power Plant It is an arena of conflict Ravaco, the company that built the facility, and its user, iToron. Let’s remember – at the beginning of August last year there was a serious failure, as a result of which the coal block was damaged. This device has been operational since the beginning of September – it was fixed during the alternate execution.

The block at Jaworzno Power Plant with a capacity of 910 MW was commissioned in mid-November 2020. Its construction cost more than PLN 6 billion.

Mass power plant in Jaworzno will not start? The test can continue.

Jaworzno Power Plant. Toron wants high fines from Ravaco. “Identified physical defects have not been removed”

“So far, attempts to reach an agreement in the course of mediation proceedings before the Arbitration Court of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Poland have not brought the expected result. The actions we are taking as a result directly From the terms of the contract – we issued a note as part of the follow-up of claims by the requesting party ”- said Trajan Szuladziński, president of the company Torun Produce, quoted in the statement.

Identified physical defects, which Ravaco received a long list from us, were not removed. Nor has the company provided us with a realistic plan for its removal or a viable concept for ending the transition period. More importantly, we have not received confirmation that the entity meets the technical contractual criteria

– added.

Torun I learned that the call includes:

  • the contractual penalty for delay in meeting the deadline for eliminating defects within the warranty period;
  • A contractual penalty for the delay in signing the end-of-transitional period protocol because guaranteed technical standards were not met;
  • A contractual penalty for emergency downtime that exceeds the value generated by the contract.

The head of the Energy Regulatory Bureau wants to ask about The head of the Energy Regulatory Office wants to ask about the “reasons for closing the block in Jaworzno”

Torun points out the faults and defects of the Jaworzno power plant block. Ravaco announces the conference

Tauron claims contractual fines and damages in the total amount of PLN 1,312,440,218.91. Claims also result from design and implementation errors, warranty on material defects to repair damages incurred by the company as a result of material defects, and returns costs Alternative performance within the scope of repairing defects in the boiler hopper and mills and satisfying a claim against subcontractor payments for performance performed Works– We read in the statement of the state-owned company.

Identified design defects affect the operation, efficiency and economics of unit operation. For example, boiler design errors cause slag and sintering to form, resulting in lower unit availability. The disadvantages of the milling system, in turn, result in a high failure rate of the pyrite unloading system, and insufficient efficiency of the mills, which in turn leads to, among other things, a decrease in the availability of mill teams and an increase in the number of people servicing the mill.

– said Trajan Szuladziński, head of Tauron Wytwarzanie.

More information from Poland You can read on the home page of

– If we continue not to take legal action, it will be at the expense of the company. He stressed that we remain open to negotiations with Ravaco that lead to correcting the unit’s defects and harmonizing all unit systems.

In turn, Rivaco reported that on Thursday time a press conference will be held at 1:00 pm. To the request received for the payment of contractual fines and compensation in connection with the execution of the contract for the construction of the 910 MW unit at Jaworzno.

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