Top Model has announced the candidates for the Silver Ticket.  Fans are already betting.  Really good choices!

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Preparations are underway for the eleventh edition of the popular program TVN Top Model. The jury has already selected the nominees for the so-called silver ticket. Joanna KrupaAnd Marcin TescaAnd Kasia SukwawskaAnd Dawid Woliński And Michel Pirouge It indicated its types. What do we know about the participants?

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Julia Krause

Tagged in Julia Krause by Mikhail Pirog. She is 21 years old and currently studying property management. However, modeling is her greatest passion. Julia does a lot of sports, runs and rides a lot. It is also ready to take on new challenges.

Susanna Afek

In contrast, Susanna Afek was selected to compete for the silver ticket by Kasia Sokwowowska. The girl is 20 years old and she studies medicine and dentistry in Lublin. He tries to live a healthy life. He does push-ups, swims, and bikes, as well as going to the gym.

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Mikowaj Szymshak

Mikołaj Szymczak is a candidate for Dawid Woliński. The man is 20 years old and he is studying chemistry. His dream is to become a veterinarian. He teaches horse riding and windsurfing on a daily basis.

Nikolina Holock

Perhaps Nikolina Holock will win the sympathy of Internet users, ensuring her participation in the training camp stage of the “Top Model” program? She indicated her candidacy Joanna Krupa. Nikolina lives in Great Britain and works as a teaching assistant for disabled children. He is a playwright and specializes in theater by education. He has not eaten meat for five years for ethical reasons. She is also a fan of fitness and swimming.

Fabian Sokogowski

The Silver Ticket shortlist was closed by favorite Marcin Tyszka. Fabian Sokolowski is this year’s high school graduate and lives in Gdansk. He works in a coffee shop and his big sport is. Thanks to his brother, he is also interested in astronomy. It was his brother who convinced him to apply for the program.

Do you already have your favorites? Fans compete in genres by commenting on the “Top Model” Instagram post. It is difficult to say who, in their opinion, has the best chance of winning the Silver Ticket. One thing is for sure – the jury seems to have picked very good people who stand a chance of making a real modeling career, and not just on Instagram.

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