February 4, 2023


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top league.  Nice goal for my birthday.  Shattered the pursuit of Szczecin Zagoby Lubin

top league. Nice goal for my birthday. Shattered the pursuit of Szczecin Zagoby Lubin

At the beginning of the meeting, the guests from Lupine presented themselves better. They attacked their opponents in half already, often taking the ball from them, in addition, they were well organized in defense and did not allow porters to spread their wings. The situation changed after 20 minutes. Then the landowners boldly advanced and the results did not have to wait long. First, Mateusz Ogowski, a young player, fired a dangerous shot, but his shot managed to clear Kasper Beszczad while standing in Zagobi’s goal. After this interference, Pogo hit a corner kick.

The Jens Gustafsson players decided to play a short match, after which the ball was pulled from the penalty area to the unmarked Damian Dąbrowski. The captain of the Szczecin, who celebrates his 30th birthday on Saturday, decided to strike without a party, and after a while the ball bounced off the post and fell into the net. Fans in the stadium Florian Krieger was overjoyed, and Dibrovsky gave himself a beautiful gift.

In the second half, Chase continued the blow. In the 62nd minute, after playing from deep in the field, Pontus Almqvist sprinted the ball towards the goal, and when the defender approached him, gave it to Kamil Groske with his heel. Thanks to this, the winger found himself in a single position with the Bieszczady Mountains, which he could not afford to waste. After two minutes, the porters consolidated their advance. The Magvist took advantage of Bartosz Kopacz’s mistake and quickly hit the short corner. This way he scored his second goal of the season and, as is his custom, celebrated the goal with amazing salt. The result did not change until the end and the hosts could enjoy their fourth victory in this competition.

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