February 2, 2023


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Top 8 US Colleges for Aspiring Computer Engineers

The US is technological heaven. So, if you are going to study computer engineering, you should aim for one of its schools. But what makes a good school a great one? Easy. It’s the success of its alumni and the access to cutting-edge technologies while studying.

The US makes a great emphasis on preparing a competitive, highly knowledgeable cadre who is capable of moving the country’s technological progress forward. If you feel that this statement is about you, you must act now. Choose a great computer engineering school and do your best to get enrolled.

However, the number of recognized and reputable computer engineering schools in the US is colossal. One can get lost in the selection, but we are here to help you. Below, you’ll find a list of ABET-accredited schools that offer high-quality technical education programs. This is a great guide for an aspiring student.

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Now, let’s get back to the topic.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is well-known far beyond the US because most of its alumni have received recognition as researchers and practitioners. This school offers one of the best academic and support services together with flexible learning paths and outstanding funding opportunities.

Moreover, MIT computer engineering students are usually mentored by leading industry experts. And, of course, there are perfect entry-level job opportunities so you can start off your career.

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California Institute of Technology

Also known as Caltech, this school easily makes it to the top ten best engineering schools in the US and in the world. It offers a wide variety of learning opportunities for aspiring students, which can be more than beneficial for a young specialist. For example, you can pursue a double major or take elective courses to expand your area of expertise.

One of the biggest advantages of the school is a low student-to-faculty ratio. That means every student gets more attention. This extra attention, however, means that students will require the help of the essay-reviews.com best essay reviews site more often. After all, it’s natural that the more individualized education is, the pickier professors are.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is well-known for its summer internship program and cooperative education program. This means that most students of Carnegie Mellon can get some work experience before graduation.

Also, Carnegie Mellon University provides students with a chance to study abroad in Portugal and Thailand as part of the student exchange program. This expands an opportunity for professional development and continuous learning.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology offers many interesting subprograms and elective courses for students. Its approach to education is to prepare specialists in one field but make them the best.

At the same time, this school doesn’t limit students in their opportunities to study additional elective courses alongside the main program. You can choose as many as you can handle.

Virginia Tech University

Computer engineering is one of the primary programs for Virginia Tech. It usually has 16% more graduates than any other school with a computer engineering program.

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What’s more, this school can boast of a unique curriculum and innovative approach to education. For example, Virginia Tech is well-known for its focus on AI, embedded systems, and computer architecture today.

Stanford University

Stanford University must be on this list. It provides top-quality education for students coming from all around the world. What’s more important, the employment opportunities for these students are enormous. This university is located in one of the most technologically advanced places in the world. For obvious reasons, it prepares a cadre for innovative startups and trend-setters.

Princeton University

Hardly any university has trained more computer engineers than Princeton. Thanks to a diverse network of partnerships and contacts, this school provides not only an education but also a professional worldview. Princeton computer engineering students participate in diverse but global knowledge-sharing activities and competitions, which only strengthen their professional aptitude.

Harvard University

Harvard also offers a computer engineering program for top students across the world. The admission rate is very low, and the tuition fee is super high. However, if you make it to Harvard and graduate, consider you have everything to excel in your professional career.


The list of the universities above is a very condensed one. You can find many other wonderful educational settings to fulfill your dream of becoming a top computer engineer. Yet, it’s definitely worth paying attention to these universities in particular as they set the agenda for technical education in the US and the whole world.