Tomas Hajto was chosen as the favorite of the Polish group M¦.  “Then the chances of promotion increase” the Polish national team

The Poles went to Group C, where they will face Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. The Polish national team was pulled out of the third basket, realistically looking at the third strength in this group. But some were optimistic. – Easy [z ang. łatwo] Zbigniew Boniek wrote on Twitter. He also has a similar opinion Thomas HagettoParticipant in the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan.

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Former Polish actors admired Glick. “Concrete and steel. You will go down in history.”

The lottery was great for us. Of course you will be the first candidate for Argentina, and then our team. You have to get out of the group in second place – Hajto says in “Interia”. at the previous delegate polishing Mexico, which has left the group in the last eight World Cups they have played in, is not impressive.

Zbigniew Boniek directly from the bridge. Immediately after the lottery. “It’s him, not Mechnewick.”

– It’s not like Mexico anymore. The players who were in this team a few years ago do not play there now. Recently I watched the matches with them and I can say that they are a team that must be defeated. When it comes to Saudi Arabia, with us given the three points before the game, I will be careful. First you will have to prepare well for the tournament, then focus on it match. The catch is that in the group you must have one clear favorite, which will take all the points and then the chances of promotion to the next stage increase. In our group, Argentina will be the favorites, and that’s fine. Mexico and Saudi Arabia are within our reach. After the first two games, our situation may be fine – adds Hagetto.

Ceslav MichenewiczMichniewicz for I am very happy with the draw. I’ve been supporting them since I was a kid

He points out that you have to be very modest when going to the World Cup. However, Hajo was not humble before the 2018 World Cup, when he wrote “a certain promotion. We are the favourites”.

Polish representationWhat is this stupid thing about the Polish national team?! “I can’t and I don’t want to”

Groups in the World Cup in Qatar

  • A: Qatar, Netherlands, Senegal, Ecuador
  • B: England, USA, Iran, European Annex Winner: Wales – Scotland/Ukraine
  • A: Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia,
  • D: France, Denmark, Tunisia, play-off winner: Peru / Australia – United Arab Emirates,
  • Enterprise: Spain, Germany, Japan, play-off winner: Costa Rica – New Zealand
  • Group F: Belgium, Croatia, Morocco, Canada,
  • Group G: Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, Cameroon,
  • Group H: Portugal, Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana.
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