Tom Holland reveals the chaos behind the scenes of Spider Man: No Way Home

The highly anticipated finale of the Spider-Man trilogy will be showing soon. And therefore Tom Holland raised the secret and raised the subject of the film’s bumpy production. In an interview with the site GQ The actor originally explained it Spider-Man: There is no escape from home It was only supposed to be released after the sequel to The Adventures of Doctor Strange, but it was pandemic decided that the movie with Tom Holland would debut first.

Making this decision negatively affected the production process of the film?? From the tremendous stress caused by reducing the time needed to finish the movie, to the significant plot changes that were made after filming had already begun. All this contributed to the overall chaos that accompanied production at every turn, which is perfectly clear from the statement?? the actor:

[W czasie krêcenia filmu – dop. red.] you may ?? The director asks? ???????????? Such as: ?? Just ?? Don’t try to get it.

[Nagrywanie tej sceny – dop. red.] was what?? mad. The problem was, nothing worked there. I kept stumbling and saying I didn’t believe what I was saying, it wasn’t me. I said to John [re¿yserowi produkcji – dop. red.]It doesn’t fit at all, so we analyzed the scene and came up with a different idea. We presented it to the screenwriters, they rewrote the script, and then everything worked out perfectly.

Let’s hope the disruptions to the movie’s production don’t affect the quality of the movie too much and Spider-Man: There is no room for home It would be a worthy culmination of the treble.

The movie will premiere on December 17th.

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