Tokyo Game Show 2022 promises to be a big fair;  Games List [Aktualizacja]
September 5, 2022, 15:20

author: Hubert “Hxx0” ledziewski

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 will be held in two weeks. What can we expect from this year’s edition of the Japanese exhibition? What games will we see on it? We summarize the information disclosed so far.


Industry media report on upcoming games to be presented at Tokyo Game Show 2022.

  • Sixth armored core – on the web Back Rumors that the company will terminate TGS 2022 Bandai Namco The next installment of the series is revealed armored core from the studio FromSoftwareWhich is supposed In the final stage of work.
  • Ice Combat (8) Bandai Namco may also announce the next (possibly eighth full) installment in the Skill Flying series. Ice CombatWhich the team worked on creating for some time Aces Project.
  • Suicodin There is no shortage of speculation about the “world-famous brand” that Konami intends to revive. Recently Rights Revival To the brand “Suikoden” may mean that we have been waiting for the first release of this popular since 2008 RPG course.

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This year’s Tokyo Game Show will be held from From 15 to 18 September. So there’s still some time until the event, but we already know some of the games we’ll see in it. On the other hand, we can simply guess the width of others.

So we decided to get ready List of products likely to be shown at Tokyo Game Show 2022. You will find it below.

Tokyo Games Show 2022 – The Games

In addition, the company Happynet announcedThat Tokyo Game Show 2022 will certainly present such upcoming products, among others:

Tokyo Game Show 2022 – Offers

The full schedule of shows that will take place during Tokyo Game Show 2022 is shown in the graphic below (Seven hours must be added to the start time on it to calculate the time in Poland.) Presentations seem to be the most interesting among them:

Tokyo Game Show 2022 promises to be a big fair, even Microsoft keeps it [Aktualizacja] Illustration #1

Source: TGS 2022 / Gematsu.

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