Tokyo 2020. Athletes made Poland famous in Tokyo

The 14 medals I won give us 17th in the world ahead of the richest and most athletic countries, such as Spain, Sweden, Norway or Jamaica, which boast top runners.

The best that can be seen is the system that works well in the 400m runners, where we have seven world-class and world-class competitors, and we have been celebrating our victories since the World Cup in Seville in 2009, where our runners became gold medalists. after the disqualification of the United States.

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The sponsor’s strong support and, above all, the coaches’ know-how pays off. Józef Lisowski, Aleksander Matusiński, Marek Rożek – this is only a group of coaches, but for the world level of 400 meters there are many professionals who work in clubs. The father of the “angels” – Matusinsky, is a pupil of the professor. Janusz Iskra, whose scientific works have been recognized all over the world.

For a long time, Tokyo was going to be a disaster for us. After all, the cyclists headed by Michal Kwiatkowski, Rafai Majka and Katarzina Nevyadoma did not succeed. Tennis players suffered a fiasco, especially Ega Švetik and Hubert Hurkacz. The 3×3 basketball players made themselves and we all saddened, after their World Cup success, they went to the Olympics for a medal, but they were among the first to drop out. The defeat was recorded by the world champion volleyball players, who were enriched with Robert Lewandowski of world volleyball, i.e. Wilfredo Leon.

And when it seemed that we would be delighted with the joy of others, such as the sensational winner of the women’s cyclist – amateur cyclist Anna Kissenhofer, the 4x400m mixed relay jumping on the circuit, she declared: “Now Poland!”

See where Poland climbed in the medal table!

Karol Zalewski, Natalia Kaczmarek, Justyna Święty-Ersetic and Kajetan Duszyński’s performances were epic. Every change was perfect, and there was no interest in the ladies running, which is what happened to the Americans. A real race for a gold medal.

We’ve known for so long that the system works among hammer makers, so we booked two medals each. Hats off to Wojciech Nowicki. Not only for the class in which he won the gold medal, but also for helping Pawe Fajdek, who fought back with stage fright and managed to add the bronze. Respect Nowicki for his emphasis on the role and accomplishments of Fajdek, who is, after all, dominating the world hammer.

When it seemed that this was the end of the golden group, just like Philip of the lawn, or rather of Bojszów, the infantry jumped Dawid Tomala, who was completely out of order. Growing up in a Silesian village, trains under the direction of Grzegorz’s father, who ate in Old Polish, took advantage of his father’s ideas. He had with him a special bag for gels and drinks, as well as a scarf with snow.

His gold medal was as big a surprise as Kissenhofer’s gold. Nobody, not even in the country, is betting on it. David had to work on construction sites to endure preparations for the Olympics. Dedication and passion resulted in a gold medal, thanks to which he would not only receive an Olympic pension, but also finance the preparations for the upcoming Olympics.

The pole is able to prepare the athletes according to the plan – it can be seen through the hammer and four hundred meters. We must not forget about eight hundred meters. Two-time Vice World Champion Adam Cxzot decided to hang his shoe on the peg before the Olympics, but Patrick Dubic replaced it with dignity, winning a bronze medal in Tokyo! And there are other players in the standings for winning medals, such as the almost 18-year-old Krzysztof Rönicki, who broke the Polish record in the under-17 category a year ago.

Of course, not all sports competitions can open champagne. The Italians have a great generation of runners, and for 18 years no one can get close to Marcin Yudroczynski, who clocked 10.07 seconds in the Polish championship in Bielsko-Biała, we also note a dip in the high jump, and the pole vaulter Piotr Lisek is back without a medal.

Undoubtedly, the biggest disappointment was the quarter-final match for the volleyball players. Our Polish specialty is meant to be – farewell to the Olympics in the first match of the knockout stage, but this year there were many reasons to stop that fate. The most important thing, of course, is Lyon, it’s no small feat, it’s a well-functioning training system that supplies the first team with clean water talent.

Something didn’t work for Vital Heynen and he had to find an answer to the question of what it was. Wasn’t the tactic very predictable: in the event of a fire, we go to Wilfredo or Bartik Couric? Did the heads stand up to the pressure in the fourth set against France when Alexandre Ilhoka was handicapped? Did coach find a replacement “B”, like fellow “Tri-color” Laurent Tillie, who replaced the quarterback and the team’s game was going on. She reached the first medal in history, gold on the spot. We have two world championships in a row, but we will have to wait more than half a century for the Olympic medal. The best time for rehabilitation is September Eurovollley.

To me, it’s troubling that the last Olympic medal in team matches was the silver medal that Janusz Wojcic’s players won in 1992. After the period when our teams qualified in the Olympics and couldn’t win anything, we came to an era where it’s not Only Olympic volleyball players. He hit his teeth in the quarter-finals.

The historical achievements of the athletes who have brought in more gold medals from Tokyo than the Wunderteam with Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak, Edmund Piątkowski and Józef Schmidt at the helm are all reasons to be proud.

Michel Białowski, Entrea

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