Tinder scammer broke the silence.  Between lies, he kisses the new girl.  "I was just a lonely man"

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Simon Leviev became famous overnight, but perhaps not the fame he dreamed of, thanks to a dating app, who lived a luxurious life funded by women he cheated on. Now the main characterTinder CheaterI decided to comment on the Netflix production. Briefly film He explains and kisses the new girl.

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He fell in love, spoiled and deceived. Netflix’s new documentary, The Tinder Cheater, is awesome [ZWIASTUN]

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Tinder Cheater translates: I was just a lonely man

In an interview with Inside Edition, Leviev is trying to whiten himself. In the trailer for the entire conversation, the man said:

I was just a lonely guy who wanted to meet some girls on Tinder.

He’s also tried to tone down a Netflix movie.

He stressed that I am not a Tinder cheater.

The man, despite the material presented in the document, denies everything.

They present it as a documentary, but it’s actually like a fully made movie.

Between them, Simon gently kissed his new girlfriend. It’s a model Kate Conlin. She also took the floor.

She confirmed that he is the greatest gentleman in the world.

What do the makers of The Tinder Cheater accuse Simon Leviev of? We follow the stories in the movie three Women I met through a dating app. He introduced himself as a diamond magnate. First, he seduced them, and then extorted huge sums of money. He was using their emotional commitment to get rich. Drugged women still had financial and mental problems.

Simon Leviev, Valeria Kalpanchay“Tinder Cheater”. Valeria Kalpanchay was not fooled. help intuition

Not all the women he targeted, he managed to deceive. Some were immune to his magic. However, the amount of money that he managed to extort is estimated at 10 million dollars.

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