Time for Yourself - Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg on Netflix Mystery Comedy

The streaming giant is preparing for another production, in which Kevin Hart will appear. The actor becomes a father again, but this time the protagonist will have … It’s time for himself and he will be able to meet an old friend.

Last year Kevin Hart played a loving father and provided a captivating story in a production called “Parenthood” (check here), last month he was one of the heroes of “Man From Toronto” (check here), and now he’s back as the loving parent who will nonetheless get a Vacation for a week.

“Time for yourself” is a comedy that aims to show the hardships of parenthood, but also to emphasize that at a certain age it is better not to do certain things. This is how the platform tells the story:

“When a wife takes her kids on a trip, a full-time father takes advantage of spending time to himself for the first time in years and reconnects with an old friend. A crazy weekend spent together turns his life upside down.”

As you can see, the actor is eager to collaborate with the Netflix platform, so we can expect all parties to be satisfied with the production results. In fact, it’s not a huge surprise considering that previous projects with Kevin Hart have been well received by viewers and journalists.

“Time for Yourself” premieres August 26th.

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