TikTok fails in Poland

TikTok does not work on the phones of thousands of Poles. Over 3000 reports appeared on downdetector in just a few minutes, suggesting that TikTok simply isn’t working.

TikTok does not work, and the failure appears to be widespread, also in Poland. Downdetector has already received more than 3,400 reports, indicating that the app is not working properly and is not showing content to users. Although the design tik tok Primarily it can be associated with the smallest audience, and in practice it is a source for short and funny films watched by a large group of Poles.

TikTok crash reports started hitting the crash detection tool around 11:20 am – mainly from all over Poland, although the site recorded most reports from large cities. At the moment, it is difficult to say when the problem will be resolved. However, it is known to fail all over the world. In the US meanwhile, TikTok failures have been reported more than 24,000. times.

TikTok fails in Poland
Image source: © downdetector

TikTok fails in Poland

TikTok in Poland is very popular. As evidenced by the latest data we mentioned on this occasion Describe the practices of scammers on this siteIn our country, TikTok has more than 12 million users.

Update, hours. 12:30

As evidenced by regularly updated data about downdetector and comments from Polish users, TikTok failure may be contained now. Users write that the application is working properly. Interestingly, data on TikTok in the US indicates that the vulnerability exists only now Started to disappear. It is very likely that in this area the problems of TikTok have lasted longer or are still relevant today.

Oskar Ziumek, editor in charge of dobreprogramy.pl

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