Thunderstorms at Summer Festival: Karkwa will still happen

Although all summer festival sites were evacuated due to the storm, Kargwa will be able to perform in the Plains of Abraham on Tuesday evening.

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The FEQ has decided to reopen the Plains of Abraham. Once the storm passes, everyone will be able to access the site for free. The program will start at 10 pm as originally scheduled.

All other sites are closed, including Parc de la Francophonie, where rapper Nas is expected to perform.

The evacuation was ordered after 8pm during a performance by the Tokyo Police Club group.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see US group Fleet Foxes, who preceded Garqua on stage.

Visitors leave the Plains of Abraham.

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

Visitors leave the Plains of Abraham.

The Hay Babies: Dashing Acadia

There are children.

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

There are children.

A crowded field early in the evening didn’t dampen the interest of our favorite trio, the Acadians, Hay Babies, before being kicked out.

Dressed in western red, Julie Aube, Kathryn Noel and Vivian Roy took advantage of the allotted half hour to bestow their folk/country/rock critics’ titles in good spirits.

They were honored at the invitation of Khargwa. “We are Fans from High school. This is how we started listening to music,” they revealed.

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