Thriller movie ends with a penalty shootout.  Poland defeats Ukraine in the Hockey World Cup!

After the victory over Estonia, the Ukrainian team was the second “obstacle” of the Polish ice hockey team to the World Championships of the FIVB division in Tychy. The fact that hockey players in a country oppressed by Russian military aggression have joined the tournament at all can be considered glorious.

However, the Ukrainians were not satisfied with the participation itself, but they also remained a formidable opponent and were calculated in the fight for promotion to the rear of the world elite. The fact that they will not be an easy competitor is proven even in the first minutes of the competition.

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The Hockey Eagles showed a quick hockey game, but didn’t “get away with it” when you had to play hard on teams. In the 13th minute, Poland opened the scoring thanks to Dominic Pasio, but the mood was quickly spoiled by the double suspension, when goalkeeper John Murray and striker Jakub Bukowski scored two penalties during one substitution.

In a double, Ukraine outnumbered a 1-1 tie, and the goal of “Sperna” was scored by Yevgeny Fadeev. Coach Robert Calaber’s accusations were dismissed before the break. Everything was fine in their work.

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