April 2, 2023


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Three members of the BTS are positive for Govt-19

Three members of the BTS are positive for Govt-19

Three members of the popular South Korean K-pop group BTS tested positive for COVID-19 on their return from the United States, where their producer announced Saturday that they will be performing on stage for the first time since the outbreak. .

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Big hit music reported that rapper RM and singer Jin had a positive test on Saturday night.

The day before, Suka, another member of the group of seven, was “taking care of him at home” after a positive test, the company said.

RM and Suga are asymptomatic, Gin has a mild fever and all three have been fully vaccinated, the company added.

The South Korean band performed its first concert in Los Angeles from late November to early December, having been physically on stage since the outbreak began.

The artists were on vacation, and the three affected band members returned to South Korea on different dates.

None of them have had any contact with other members of the group since their return to South Korea.

RM and Suka received their positive test results while in isolation after returning home. Jin was released from solitary confinement after a negative test, but was later tested positive.

Big Hit Music has made sure to place a high priority on artists’ “health and safety”.

In 2020, BTS topped the Billboard Hot 100, the most popular chart in the United States. Dynamite, Is the first South Korean team to top the rankings.

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Both the United States and South Korea face increasing pollution amid the global spread of the highly contagious Omigran variant.