As of Saturday morning, 175 fires were still intense, including 77 that had erupted in the past two days. According to the Fire Management Service, BC Wildfire, It is suspected that lightning may be the cause of most fire starters.

The largest already covers an area of ​​31,000 hectares fifteen kilometers north of the Kamloops and has forced the eviction of more than 400 houses.

A team of 93 firefighters is on site with the help of 93 helicopters. The Department of Fire Management ensures that firefighters work through the night to establish a control line around the fire. Did not pass.

From the Kamloops, the smoke is very visible and persists in the valley, The spokesman explains BC Wildfire, Sarah Hall.

More than a dozen eviction orders have been issued in various places in recent days, and ten districts are on high alert. Residents should be prepared to leave at any time if the situation worsens.

A fire near Lake Durant, about 30 kilometers from Kamloops, has forced residents of the Thomson-Nicola Regional District, 95 properties, to evacuate their homes.

Members of the Skitcheston Indian Band were allowed to leave their homes until 9 a.m. Saturday because of a threat near Lake Scarks. They were invited to go to Kamloops or Kelona where the evacuation centers were set up.

The Caribou Regional District also ordered residents near Lake Deca to evacuate the area quickly. The eviction order affects nearly 700 people.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has asked boats to avoid the 100-mile house area after authorities spotted several boats on or around the lake.

We know it’s summer and boating season, but it’s not the place to travel right now, Detachment refers to the commander G.R.C. 100 Mile House, Swend Nielsen.

An evacuation warning was sent to the Sulfur Lake Department and about 153 homes.

Fundraising campaign for disaster victims

After the destruction of the village of Lytton and the thousands of people still evacuated from the province, the United Way organization launched a campaign to help the victims.

United Way of the British Columbia branch is offering a starting amount of 000 200,000 and encourages the public to contribute.

A mob campaign was also launched to provide support to the tribal community in the village of Lytton. So far, more than 2,000 people have donated more than 0,260,000.

The province also reminds that cities and municipalities affected by the fire can benefit from financial assistance in the event of a disaster to repair roads, bridges and infrastructure damaged by the fire that are not covered.

With information from Christina Jung

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