Those leaks of OF, pictures with YouTubers or Twitchers will be gone forever

Many subreddits and telegrams rely on a single service, which from May 15th introduces a very important change.

It’s hard to imagine, but a slew of photos, videos, and GIFs featuring content intended for senior citizens will be removed. Why? It is one of the leading websites where such things have been made available by changing the policy.

This is a huge blow to the many subreddits, Discord servers, or communities in general that have posted various images, leaks of OF, etc. This is all due to the upcoming changes in the Imgur regulations.

A bit like other service

Imgur goes to Tumblr, which first announced it was removing all content for older content, and then, when users suddenly disappeared, the platform pulled back from the changes at all. The same can be done with Imgur.

So far, the service is directly saying that it will remove all types of “blocked” content that is not associated with any specific account. The same brokers and automated algorithms should take care of it. This comes in total from May 15th, which is when the mass purge begins.

It is likely that many links will become completely useless, and others will remain on the site for some time, at least until they are discovered by moderators. Now hosting is likely to be moved to another location.

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