Thora Birch: A missed opportunity?  what happened?

Thora Birch (her parents gave her this name for Honoring the Norse god of thunderShe made her debut in a movie set when she was just 6 years old. The beginning of the actress in the American show business was modest. Birch began to participate in commercials. Later, roles in family films such as “Purple people eat” in 1988 (her first movie appearance), “Parenthood”, “State of Threat”, “Hocos Pocos”; The series “Day by Day” and “Relax, Dad”.

The great achievement of her career was the 1999 film “American Beauty” directed by Sam Mendes, starring Kevin Spacey. Birch played his daughter in the movie. Due to the fact that during the shooting of the picture, the actress was only 16 years old, her parents had to sign Approving a topless scene with their teenage daughter. The film was appreciated by critics all over the world (including the Film Academy – “American Beauty” was named the best film of 2000), and Thora Birch received an award nomination. BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress.

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