This will be tax deductible in 2023. We will be eligible for such deductions [7.12.22 r.]

The beginning of the year is associated with the need to settle accounts with the tax office. Taxpayers will file tax returns starting in February. After the changes introduced by the Polish system, it is worth knowing what has changed in taxes. Check out what will be withheld from taxes in 2023. We have a little cheat sheet for you.

Watch the video: minimum wage in 2023. There will be a double increase

In the 2022 tax year, the applicable tax-free amount, that is, the profit limit that exempts the taxpayer from paying internal income tax, is PLN 30,000. zlotys. This is important, because no tax to pay means no deductions.

These people will be able to deduct taxes online in 2023 …

Due to the fact that April 30 is a holiday in 2023, settlements must be made with the tax office by May 2, 2023.

At the same time, it is not worth waiting with the settlement of income tax until the end of the deadline for its submission to the tax office. And the sooner you submit the declaration, the faster you will recover the overpayment if it occurs. In the case of online settlement, up to 45 days.

The taxpayer does not bear any tax, nor does he bear any responsibility to the tax office, which he can cancel or reduce thanks to the tax holidays. This will be the case in 2023. Rehabilitation, the Internet, drugs, thermal novelty and other amenities. Check out the patterns you can count on in 2023. Details can be found in the gallery below:

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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