This species has not been seen in 140 years "It's like finding a rhino."

The black-necked pheasant is an endemic species of the pigeon family. The pheasant, elusive for 140 years, was discovered by a team of scientists from the American Bird Conservation SocietyAnd the newly captured photos and videos mark the first time scientists have documented this species since 1882.

This large pheasant-like pigeon was seen on Ferguson Island in Papua New Guinea. This is the only place for it to occur.

Ornithologists know little about this species. According to researchers, their population on Ferguson Island is small and continues to decline.

Scientists have been searching for pheasants on it for many years. Several research expeditions have been carried out. Finally, after months of searching, The bird was recorded by a hidden camera literally during the last hours of the flight.

The pheasant was found in the recording of one of the 20 cameras placed deep in the island’s forests. When we collected camera traps, I realized there was less than a 1% chance of getting a photo of a black-necked pheasant said Jordan Boersma, a researcher at Cornell University and co-leader of the expedition team. He also added that, when he looked through the photos later, he was “surprised” by an image of a bird walking right next to the camera.

After a month of searching, seeing the first photos of a pheasant is like finding a rhinoadded John C. Mittermeyer, director of the Lost Birds Program for the American Bird Preservation Society and co-leader of the expedition.

It’s the moment you’ve been dreaming of your whole life as a conservationist and bird-watcher


source: abcbirds.orgAnd the

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