June 7, 2023


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"This movie made me feel sorry for Lewandowski."  This is not football in Munich

“This movie made me feel sorry for Lewandowski.” This is not football in Munich

Robert Lewandowski’s early weeks in Barcelona seemed to be flowing with milk and honey. But this movie that came out on TikTok made me feel sorry for it. He was driving a car and unfortunately the light turned red. He stopped, and seconds later people surrounded his car. They looked through the windows, put down their phones, took pictures and recorded. Pole wasn’t as happy as he was in the video with the street musician, when he jiggles and sings “Volari.” He sat tied up, waited for the green light, and, in order to keep himself busy and maintain a natural appearance, took a sip of water. The bottle was already empty, which was mocked by those who commented on this video.

However, there is a big difference between adoration, attitude and religious behavior as in the zoo, where someone has been known to stick their face in glass and record exemplary monkey behavior.

“Drunk people especially think Liu is their friend, so they can go up and hang around his neck.”

Lewandowski always emphasized it Munich He is a friend of football players. He was allowed to go for a walk with his wife and was not bothered by many fans. They had a garden near the house where they would go with their children and they felt comfortable. Germans – as a rule, exceptions – respected their private times. They weren’t pushy, and they weren’t persistent. Anna and Robert loved it very much. It was a little different in Poland, which is why Lewandowski always traveled around Warsaw in the company of Marcin Kolczyk, his friend from high school, who was his bodyguard for years. But Barcelona is a different measure of privacy concern and disruption.

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Bodyguard is a very big word. Marcin is simply the one who accompanies him and helps him get things done in the city. When we are somewhere in a restaurant or club, we try not to let Liu go anywhere alone. This is such an automatic. It’s not that someone hits him. It’s about some connections. Especially drunk people think that Liu is their friend, so they can go up and hang around his neck. When a good-looking man is next to him, they are a little afraid. It is more than prevention than action. We’re here to give Robert a little breath. The way out for the masses is different. Liu loves to talk to fans, autograph himself, and take a picture. But at certain times. Nobody is happy when someone looks at their soup – explained Sport.pl Marek Kalitowicz, another friend of Lewandowski.

There is another story related to the soup. – We are sitting in a restaurant in Munich and the table continues Cuban Bryant. He was my idol! But I know Leo doesn’t like it himself when someone tries to talk to him at a private dinner. But that’s where Kobe sits! Luckily, Robert saw, they talked and we took a picture together. An amazing memory for me, Kalitovich said.

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Robert Lewandowski will not find peace in Barcelona

The Lewandowski family in Barcelona They will only know. In an interview with SportoweFakt√≥w, Anna told what it was like to visit the Sagrada Familia. “Robert put on a mask, glasses and a hat and it worked.” Not recognized. It was different in the car, earlier – in a similar situation – when he was driving a convertible, thieves broke in who took his phone and watched him. Teacher – You are driving a car with a roof around Barcelona. It is a tourist city, and is also famous for the legendary football club, of which the pole is the biggest star today. When you visit the city and admire the ruins, your eyes go round your head, because if you’re really lucky, you might even see one of the stars. People hunted soccer players like Pokemon a few years back. It is similar to the city game in which Lewandowski is currently the most valuable discovery.

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Meanwhile, according to psychologists, the need for privacy is one of the basic needs in the life of every person. It’s not as if Lewandowski wants to separate himself from the fans with a wall. When he came to the training camp in Opalnica before Euro 2020, and dozens of fans waited in front of the barrier, he signed most of the autographs and took the longest photos. The same – albeit on a smaller scale – is the case with every visit to a training camp in Warsaw. Fans gather in front of the hotel and are rarely rejected by Lewandowski. After all, he understands who his signature will be most valuable to most of them, and with whom they want to take a picture of themselves. But then Lewandowski comes in as captain Polish national team. He does not play football, but comes to work. This is not a private car trip and an accidental stop at traffic lights. The culture of these people, although they are often young, is also larger.

Someone will say that it is a token of sympathy. One German footballer described these benefits as a tax on being a good footballer. They loved Diego Maradona in Naples so much and patted him on the back so much that he was in awe of it, and after the end of his career he reacted nervously to every such gesture. Lewandowski, despite being known for a long time, in Barcelona he enjoys a popularity like never before. We discussed a lot and for a long time how the Pole would deal with the field, how he would find himself among the talented in the technical field, and how quickly he would adapt to the new. LeaguesHow will it affect Barcelona and how will Barcelona affect it. Often experts and journalists themselves have found potential problems that may arise. Perhaps the most annoying thing is the one that falls off the field. He will not find peace in Barcelona.

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