This is what the sound of a meteor hitting Mars sounds like.  This is the first time we've heard of

On September 5, the red planet appeared on the path of a cosmic stone, colliding with its surface, causing a powerful shock wave. If it were the Earth’s atmosphere, it would probably burn up completely in it, but Mars is very thin and sparse, so it broke into at least 3 parts, but survived the flight. Interestingly, The InSight seismometer, designed to measure seismicity and dust vortices, has been shown to be sensitive enough to record acoustic shock waves and seismic wave signals. Because of this emergency landing.

no one succeeded in nPlay the sound of a meteor hitting the surface of another planet, so recording InSight is a real treat And NASA decided to share it. As Cory Powell emphasizes on Twitter, although everyone expected a rather loud sound, the sound is more like “bloop!” – Listen to yourself.

By the way, we can also see Images of the impact craters were captured shortly after the event by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter“After 3 years of waiting for InSight to detect the collision, these craters look beautiful,” Ingrid Daubar of Brown University commented in a NASA press release.

Interestingly, on the occasion of the September 5 impact, scientists carefully looked at past data from InSight and found that In 2020-2021, they lost three more impacts that occurred between 85 and 290 kilometers from the probe So the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took pictures of these craters, too.

As the scholars assert, The strokes were overlooked because they were too weak They also suspect that there may be other meteor impacts hidden in seismometer data from the past four years, lost in the seismic noise of thundering winds.

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