This is what “Harry Potter” would look like as a dark fantasy movie from the 80s.  A simple procedure with the actors was enough

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly popular tool that pop culture fans use out of curiosity. It is used to create frames from memories that do not exist – as well as films that were never made, although their plots and characters are known to all. That’s what happened with the AI ​​version of “Harry Potter,” which has been elegantly preserved darkness Fantasy from the 80s

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The dark side of a family movie

YouTuber posting as Son Share two sets of AI-generated frames. They show recognizable characters from Hogwarts, although there is something annoying about them – first of all, they are aged by artificial intelligence, thanks to the correct observation in Movies A fantasy from the 80s, it was often played by teens as young as 30 (just to mention Marty McFly, among others). This simple procedure turns out to be the key to achieving the desired effect. There were also elaborate costumes bordering on kitsch and a filter that visually takes the film back two decades.

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A photo of Harry with his parents or even darker Severus Snape will make many people shudder! However, some aren’t too different from the original – like Bellatrix Lestrange or Albus Dumbledore, who without the AI’s involvement could easily have played out on a 1980s production set.

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What did Daniel Radcliffe do to get out of the Harry Potter drawer? [Popkultura Extra]

Lesser-known characters are not forgotten

The author decided to generate not only the images of the most famous personalities. In the second set, show what supporting characters would also look like in a terrifying alternate universe, including Luna Lovegood, Cedric Diggory, and even background players like Harry’s uncle Vernon Dursley and Quidditch teacher Roland Hooch. He was also interested in presenting popular scenes such as a flying car driven by Wesley.

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Netizens confirm that the first two films, due to the rarity of new technologies and the times in which they were made, already bear the imprints of dark fantasy. They also claim that the plot, especially in the later parts of “Harry Potter”, has more to do with the genre than with a sweet story children. That’s why they liked the “aging” frames of the film, which reflect the atmosphere of the JK series so well, in their opinion. Rowling.

Harry, played by an actor in his mid-30s, is definitely the energy of the ’80s.

The first two movies have a dark Christmas fantasy feel to them, which is why I like them the most.

Dumbledore looks like a mix of Richard Harris and Michael Gambon.

Everyone looks different, just Slytherin – as usual.

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