December 5, 2022


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This is what Beata Tyszkiewicz's real name looks like.  surprised?  - O2

This is what Beata Tyszkiewicz’s real name looks like. surprised? – O2

Beata Tyszkiewicz was born in Warsaw, Wilanów in 1938. She is a Polish stage, film and television actress. She is dubbed “The First Lady of Polish Film”. All because of the countless roles she has played. According to some sources, he has played more than 100 of them.

The aforementioned title was also influenced by the marriage to Andre Oujda. She was also the wife of Witold Orzechowski and Jacek Padlewski. Beata Tyszkiewicz had two daughters, Karolina (married to Wajda) and Wiktoria (married to Padlewski).

Tyszkiewicz hides many secrets. One of them is the interest in photography, the coat of arms, and therefore … the full name. It turns out that the actress has several of them, which not everyone knows.

Her real name is Beata Tiskevich. You don’t know that about her

Beata Tyszkiewicz belongs to an aristocratic family. Its ancestors are the Tyszkiewiczs of the Leliwa Armory. Adam Branicki himself was the godfather of the great star of Polish cinema.

The star also has not seen her real father for a long time. Her parents separated during World War II. She did not meet Krzysztof Tyszkiewicz until 1973. However, she did not forget her roots.

The real names and surnames of Beata Tyszkiewicz may surprise you. The actress has not one, but three names and two surnames. Her real name is Beata Maria Helena Tyszkiewicz-Kalenicka.

Where does the second name of Beata Tiskevich come from? History tells us about it. On the web we can read:

Tyszkiewiczs must come from Tyszka, i.e. Tymoteusz, son of the boyar Kalenik Miszkowicz (hence they called her Tyszkiewicz). One branch of the Tyszkiewicz family, the title Kalenicki, was purchased by Łohojsk on October 20, 1531 and was awarded the title of Count in Łohojsko and Berdyczów from King Zygmunt II Augustus on November 5, 1569.

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