This is what awaits Piszczek at BVB. A strong signal from Dortmund. “The absolute legend”

A few days after Lukas Piszczyk returned to Signal Iduna Park, to work as a correspondent during the Poland-France Euro 2024 match, Dortmund announced some special news. The former Polish actor will become Nuri Sahin’s assistant.who recently took over as coach of Borussia.

– I’m not sure if Dortmund fans followed his fate in Poland, but BVB management has been in contact with him all along. It was a clear goal to bring him back to the club one day. It happened faster than everyone expected – says Christian Wobb, journalist at Funke Sport, who deals with BVB and the German national team, in an interview with Interia. We met him at Borussia Dortmund’s facilities during the “Manschaft” match against Denmark.

-At the moment, not much is known about Bishkek as a coach. Of course, he was a legendary football player. I know he recently worked in Poland as a player and coach. – Whoop says.

According to the German correspondent, what role will Bishkek play in the Turkish coach’s technical staff, and in the past as a teammate?

– Piszczek has been appointed as Sahin’s assistant. This in itself is interesting because Sahin is a young and inexperienced coach. Piszczek’s role has not yet been precisely defined, but we can already make some initial guesses. It is understood that Sven Bender, who previously played mainly in defense and set-pieces, has left the club. I assume these will be Piszczek’s main tasks – says Whoop.

Unusual changes in Dortmund training

Dortmund have recently undergone two unusual changes in the coaching position. First, in the summer of 2022, Marco Rose was dismissed and Edin Terzic was appointed in his place. He had already been an interim coach and remained in the club structures. One gets the impression that the management was just waiting for Rose to make a mistake and then entrusted the reins to Terzic, who was the long-awaited candidate for the position.

Later, Half a year before Terzic left, Sahin became his assistant. He previously worked as a head coach at Turkish side Antalyaspor. It became immediately clear that he was the natural successor to Terzic as head coach.

And that’s what happened in the summer. Even reaching the Champions League final couldn’t save Terzic.

– When Sahin was appointed as Terzic’s assistant, the team was in a really bad moment. It was understood that Shaheen would likely succeed him in office at some point This is likely to happen within two or three years. Woop admits that this was still a hot topic.

– Sahin can already be called a “shadow coach” in the spring. In fact, it is a bit funny that a similar situation can happen for two or three years in a row, but it should not further affect what happens at the club – says the journalist. He also doesn’t see any similarities in Piszczek’s work as an assistant.

– The situation with Piszczek is different. Everyone knows that Shahin will be the leader. The German correspondent says that Bishkek is at the beginning of his coaching career, while Sahin previously worked in Türkiye as a head coach.

Nuri Sahin and Edin Terzic/Sebastian Sakka / Sport Photo Company / DPPI via AFP/France Press agency

Lucas Bishkek? “The absolute legend”

When asked how Piszczek will be remembered at Dortmund, Christian Wobb smiles broadly.

– Everyone remembers the 2021 German Cup final and the farewell to Besiktas when he was thrown into the air. He left the club as a legend, the embodiment of all our qualities. He always fought, he was always loyal, he was strongly attached to the club. That’s why he was loved here. Together with Koba and Lewandowski, they came to Dortmund at the best moment in its history, So we all feel a deep connection with them. Piszczek is an absolute legend. Whoop says he also stayed longer at the club.

“When he came to Bishkek from Hertha as a winger, no one expected him to have such an impact on the club,” he adds.

Piszczek’s services to BVB are indisputable. Our player spent 11 years in Dortmund, winning the German championship twice and the national cup three times. He also reached the Champions League final, becoming the world’s leading right-back. While playing for Borussia, he even turned down an offer from Real Madrid.

Kopa is a legend in Dortmund. Lewandowski? “No, although we respect him”

While we’re talking about Polish legends in the Polish First Division, we ask about the fans’ attitude towards Kuba Blaszczykowski and Robert Lewandowski.

Kopa is certainly one of Borussia’s legends, but Lewandowski is not. Of course everyone appreciates his achievements at the club, but the move to Bayern… – Woop stops his voice eloquently.

– Of course, for him it was the perfect move. It is impossible not to appreciate what he achieved. If he had stayed a longer season, he would have been the best scorer in the history of the entire Bundesliga. We all respect that, but moving to your biggest rival is not the best move in terms of popularity with the fans. – He adds with a smile.

– Although Lewandowski has always played fair towards us, Piszczek and Koba are legends in Dortmund – says the German journalist.

However, Christian Wobb stresses that Lewandowski’s achievements in football are undeniable. If we had asked about him in Munich, they would probably have named him a club legend without hesitation.

– it is clear that Lewandowski rose to the highest level of the three. He had a tough start because he wasted a lot of chances, and Lucas Barrios was very popular with the fans. Lewandowski wasn’t even an ordinary player. But everyone saw that he could become a great striker, maybe even one of the best strikers in the world, especially after he scored four goals against Real Madrid. He is a very respectable football player. – says the journalist in “Funky Sport”.

– There are more similarities between Koba and Piszek than there are between them and Lewandowski. In Germany we call them bad mentality. It means people who work hard. The word comes from the miners who worked in these areas. They were great players, but I think the fans appreciate them primarily for their amazing mentality.

From Dortmund, Wojciech Górski, Inter

Lukas Bishkek/Grzegorz Wajda / Reporter/East News

“Next Grammy” – the battle for the first quarterfinals is over. video/We keep playing /INTERIA.TV

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