This is the first reaction of the Polish Football Association to information about the departure of Paulo Sousa

Brazilian media reported, on Friday, that Paulo Sousa will leave the Polish national team to become the coach of the Brazilian club. They are convinced that the Portuguese have already concluded an agreement with SC Internacional He is set to sign a two-year contract with Porto Alegre. The whole matter will be clarified in the coming days.

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Who will succeed Paulo Sousa? The candidate seems obvious. “He didn’t hide it”

about the Paulo Sousa He may continue his career in Brazil, local media reported for several days. Flamengo’s interest in Flamengo was initially top, but the Brazilian giant has a few other coaches on his wish list as well, and is the closest to bringing in Jorge Jesus from Benfica Lisbon. On Wednesday, for the first time, Globo Esporte wrote about the interest of the Internacional Porto AlegreHer authorities were waiting for Souza’s response. According to Wagner Martins, Seuss said: Yes.

Maidan has a perfect candidate to succeed Paulo Sousa. “Like”

The Polish Football Association has not received any information. The fight is announced in FIFA

Paulo Souza OneA recent meeting with President Cesare Colleza And In press interviews, he confirmed that he was only focusing on the March qualifiers For the World Championship with the Polish national team.

According to, this version remains updated at the football headquarters. Paulo Sousa Did not inform anyone in PZPNHe will leave the Polish national team and sign a contract in Brazil.

W PZPN It is noteworthy that the union fulfilled all its obligations towards the general manager, who got everything he needed to achieve the best possible results with the national team. Nor is it a secret that negotiating on the side with the Brazilians would be very frivolous and frivolous behavior on the part of Souza and his staff.

2022 Qualifiers. Who will the Polish national team go to?  The difference has been postedInteresting information about Paulo Sousa. We have a voice from Brazil: He’s very interested

Chief Colisa’s environment monitors the pulse. However, if the Portuguese deceive everyone, agreeing behind the back of the president and PZPN to work for Internacional (or another club), the federation intends to respond sharply and refer the matter to FIFA, demanding a huge compensation in the amount. of several million zlotys for breach of contract and exposing PZPN to additional costs due to the need to hire a new selector.

Leaving this method will be a summary of the entire phase of Paulo Sousa’s work in Poland, during which Polish representation She did poorly at Euro 2020, stupidly losing the seed she earned in the World Cup qualifiers in Brazil and defeating only three teams – Albania, Andorra and San Marino in one year.

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