This is the end of a beautiful chapter

Let’s start at the end. This is my last paragraph in this issue. Why the fall of the paper from the first sentence? I need to better explain the reasons that led me to make this decision.

Keep a forum on the pages of Montreal Journal As well as his replacement ego, The Quebec newspaperA great privilege.

It comes with an equal responsibility. Is to give you the best for every occasion.

Different media

Writing is a different media game. A different game from radio television. All of these media have their charms, but they are not all equally well understood in each of these fields.

I firmly believed that writing in the daily newspaper was not my specialty. Far from reality. For countless hours I re-read a paragraph and rewrote it.

Not really satisfied with the ending. I do not think I have this talent, so I choose to stop this collaboration, however I loved it.

Honesty and efficiency

Having this column is tantamount to realizing the old fantasy. But to my extent I am indebted to you. I owe a debt of gratitude and respect to those who created this newspaper with enthusiasm, honesty and, above all, efficiency.

That good old Godfather Tremble is the biggest fish that can not be attached to the restricted pool of Quebec sports media. Regin knows how. Before going to school, when my mother told me to read a text aloud, he was the one I chose as a teenager.

Mark de Foy, a truck driver, knows how. Nothing, just as his last breath was approaching, Guy Laughlur called back to Marx and urged him to share good words with him about the late Mike Passy. Mark gave me good advice when I started in Montreal 15 years ago.

My dear Yvon Pedneault, who broke the record of scoops in the history of Quebec printed things.

The bosses, Denise Poissant and Luke Granier, were very happy to work with them.

Dedicated people at the table. The last castle that does not seem too crazy. They saved my ass many times.

The best for me

This brings us back to this conclusion which has been carefully considered and accepted. To my extent I am indebted to you. Very few times, in almost four years, I felt like I had given it to you on these pages. In this context, it seems to me to be a logical and explicit decision to end this collaboration.

I leave the task of constantly informing and reacting to you to really talented writers. This newspaper is full of talented writers and journalists. Dedicated women and men who know how to tell good stories and capture your interest. Who knows how you might react with detailed and hypothetical comments.

Thank you for your diligent reading. This is a beautiful chapter that will end for me, but now you know, when we return in the fall others are waiting for us together.

In my favorite places, in my favorite ice rinks. Have a nice summer and enjoy it, it’s priceless.

See you soon.

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