This is how Ukrainians dealt a blow to Vladimir Putin. Behind the scenes of the movie “Rybałka”.

  • A former Russian sailor who joined the Freedom of Russia Corps took part in the operation.
  • According to the Ukrainian website, Russia does not have many of these modern ships.
  • This process was followed by cabinet reshuffles, investigations and sanctions in the Baltic Fleet. It is clear that some heads have rolled there, said Yusuf.
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The operation was carried out by HUR together with the “Freedom of Russia” Corps and with the help of a former Russian sailor under the pseudonym “Gog” who sided with Ukraine.

“In early April 2024, information appeared in the media space about an emergency on the small missile ship “Serpukhov” in Baltiysk, Kaliningrad Region, as a result of which the ship was seriously damaged and sent for repair,” Yusov said.

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