December 7, 2022


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This is how thieves impersonate bankers and clean accounts

This is how thieves impersonate bankers and clean accounts

The scheme of the scam is usually the same – says Marius Cherzhanovsky of the Gdansk police.

– The victim was contacted by a criminal claiming to be an employee of the bank, misleading his interlocutor, convincing him that his data had been intercepted. The next step in the criminal game is to convince the victim to install an app on a smartphone or computer – says the officer.

It is a program that fraudsters can access remotely and take control of your computer or smartphone. There are also commands to accept received SMS messages and finally log into your bank account. After installing the application, all operations, including logging into the account, are visible to scammers. From now on, offenders can act independently. They can withdraw all the money from the account and get a loan. In a similar fashion, they lost 4,000 on Wednesday. PLN Two residents of Gdansk.

On the other hand, luck can be said about a resident of Oliwa in Gdańsk, who received an SMS with information about the underpayment of the electricity bill. A resident of Oliwa did what the scammers wanted, clicked on the link and filled the page with data. They fail only because the banking system is working efficiently and preventing further operations on the account.

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