This is how Marie-Claude Barrett and Mario Dumont feel about becoming grandparents

Show up on the red carpet of the film’s premiere Me: Celine Dion, Marie-Claude Barrett He tells us about the special bond he has with the singer: “I’ve known Celine for a long time: we went to the same high school, even though she left school early. I listened to all his albums. If she agrees to show herself in this vulnerable state, it opens the door for many others to go through this. Despite her illness, she continues to inspire. I find her brave and generous. The host also talks about a new project, a documentary series Daughter like mother, which will air on Canal Vie in 2025: “When it was offered to me, I thought for 4-5 seconds and said yes to being the confidant and friend of five mother-daughter duos. I also have a mother, with whom the relationship is very complicated, and two daughters, with whom it is even more unusual. This mother-daughter relationship is crucial in our lives. Finally, speaking of her daughters, Marie-Claude and her partner, Mario Dumont, soon to be grandparents: “Our daughter Angela will give birth in a few weeks. This is another reality and it makes us feverish. This will be the first grandchild in the family and will also be on Angela’s partner’s side.

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