This is how long you have to wait for your tax refund in 2023. We have some examples from March [7.03.2023 r.]

Settlement with the tax office is ongoing. From February 15 to May 2, 2023, we must file our tax return after this date, and if we do not, the office will automatically settle us by approving our declaration. However, when we return the tax, we want to do it faster and we can now settle our income tax. Find out how long you have to wait to get your refund after settlement. We have some examples for you.

There are many changes in taxation in 2022. First, the Polish system was introduced, and from July 1, lower taxes. This gave us an opportunity for a tax refund in 2023.

For the first six months of 2022, most of us paid 17% personal income tax, and only as of July 1st has the tax rate been reduced to 12%. The reduction was introduced retroactively from January 1, 2022, so the tax office must now refund the excess tax to Poles.

People with children can apply for a family allowance. This is why we get the most tax refunds. There are also a number of tax breaks that are worth taking advantage of for extra cash.

Filing a tax return is very easy thanks to online services and just one click away. However, it should be noted that the mechanism will not impose automatic exemptions on us, so it is worth learning about possible relief and preparing the required documents in advance. In the gallery below, see how many days it takes to get a refund from this year’s tax refund.

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