June 3, 2023


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This is how Denis Villeneuve in his youth imagined the screen adaptation of Dune

This is how Denis Villeneuve in his youth imagined the screen adaptation of Dune

debtsWhich had its premiere at the end of October this year after many adventures, is one of the biggest productions directed by Denis Villeneuve. This Canadian artist dreamed of portraying a cult science fiction novel by Frank Herbert from an early age. like v to interview Given to The Hollywood Reporter, once he got to know the book when he was thirteen years old growing up in a rural Quebec, he became obsessed with it. He often played scenes from the work of Herbert in his thoughts, but he did not stop there. With a friend of Nicolas Kadima prepared a series of storyboards (i.e. generic sketches, which show what individual shots should look like in the film), which presented their vision for the film adaptation my debts. Years later, Brother Villeneuve found her. Here are some of them:

As Villeneuve emphasized in an interview, Was the storyboard for him?? As a teenager he was fascinated by the creativity of, among other things, Spielberg?? Opportunity to make visual stories without access to the camera. To quote his words:

Nicholas was a very good artist, so he drew and told us stories, and that’s how we two kids made our worlds.

Do you attach great importance to the comics that accompany Villeneuve to this day? Does he have a permanent collaborator with them? Hodiki himself?? With whom he counts together. quote Patricia Fermita, scenography my debts:

Dennis has different versions of the storyboards for each scene and he watches them carefully, posting them on the wall during pre-production?? Workout mood and types of shots and speed ?? So he knows he figured it out exactly as it should be.

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Will this meticulous approach to filmmaking bring good luck to Villeneuve this time around in awards season? We’ll learn about this in the coming months.