This is how Alec Baldwin reacted to the news of the death of cinematographer Helena Hutchins.

Alec Baldwin In October 2021 he was in New Mexico on the set of the movie “Rust”. In the Western group, the representative pulled the trigger of a rifle that was loaded with live ammunition instead of spent cartridges. Cinematographer Helena Hutchins and director Joel Sousa were injured. Both were immediately taken to hospital, but the 42-year-old was not saved. Assistant director Dave Holz did not check the gun empty. He was convinced there were fake bullets inside. Alec Baldwin doesn’t feel guilty about the cinematographer’s deathThe police are still investigating.

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This is how Alec Baldwin reacted to the news of the cinematographer’s death

A video of the interrogation room after the October 22, 2021 incident was posted on the Internet, in which we see Alec Baldwin and two women. One reported that Halina Hutchins did not survive the shot and that Joel Souza is still in the hospital. When the star heard the frightening news, he moved to the swivel chair and put his hand over his mouth and shouted:

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