This is an Italian curse.  The Poles will never play for gold again.  And Kozak Urbanovic got hit in the face by the end

Staff up to age 22 as a coach Daniel Belinsky It is the same team that led the former Polish national team to the bronze medal at the World Under-21 Championship in Cagliari last fall. At that time, his team was insatiable even after the final success, because they lost in the semi-finals in the tiebreak with Italy and could not play for the championship title. Now, unfortunately, it will be the same.

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Will they be the future of Polish volleyball? “There are monsters in the team, really hungry tigers”

It was supposed to be a nice revenge polishing Volleyball players to break the tie a few months ago. This time it’s theirs fans In the Tarnów gymnasium, they were supposed to enjoy the victory after a very difficult and unequal match. But for the junior team on Sunday, there will be a “only” match for the bronze medal at the European Junior Championships. They won’t win the third gold medal in the history of this event, because they lost to it Italia 2:3 (25:15, 21:25, 25:19, 16:25, 13:15).

This is what a volleyball team is supposed to look like. The hardest moment by Grbic

The Italians provoked the Poles and defeated them. Playing with the heart was not enough

For Polish youth cadres matches With Italy like that with Iran for the elderly – these are always high-risk clashes. Much of the game at the limit, an equal battle with the opponent, and therefore also clash under the net: verbal quarrels, gestures and sarcastic smiles. in Saturday In Tarnow, Giulio Magalini was the most active on the side of the competitors. Often the host approached the network, provocatively saying something and pointing to the Poles. He even received a yellow card for one of these behaviours. From time to time, the Poles would play their part, but most of all they discussed the judges’ decisions. It is often questionable, because there is no video verification of Tarnów.

But the nerves were there, too Game columns. It was often torn and very uneven. From a certain victory in the first set to 15, when the Italians did not reach the hall, with the distance to the opponent in the second losing half to 21 and an excellent finish of the third set (from 16:14 for the Italians to 20:17, and finally 25:19 for the Poles), until a clear defeat At the fourth – 16:25. And in the tiebreak? It turns out that playing with his heart and equalizing the group at 13:13 wasn’t enough. The Italians were a little better again.

Nikola Grbic, Canada-Poland, Volleyball, League of Nations, Poland National TeamGrbi can’t run a Polish club, and Kadziewicz is surprised

Urbanowicz played like a Cossack, but eventually got a ball in the face

This may be an Italian curse. Just like last year in the semi-finals of the World U-21 Championship, now in the semi-finals of the European U-22 Championship, the Poles could not beat the Italians. Obviously, this is one of the toughest competitors, but at the same time, if you are thinking of winning a title, you must also beat these opponents. And Daniel Belinsky’s team, although a few players have played at a high level, is still a little off this absolute lead in junior volleyball in the world.

Who should be highlighted? Definitely Michau Giroud with seventeen points and Karol Urbanovic with fourteen. The latter sometimes played like a real volleyball player. If Nikola Gerbic watched this match, he could say: I will need it, for example, to prepare for the World Cup. The seven point blocks speak for themselves. Unfortunately, even in the case of such a good performance by Urbanowicz, the last action sums it all up. And in it, after the block of the Italians, the ball hit the middle in the face.

Italian Serie A semi-final (volleyball) scandal.Travika sues volleyball players. Including N’Gapetha

The defeat to Italy means that the Poles will fight for their second bronze medal of the year – this time at the European Championships. A competitor for the Turkish national team, who played a great match and five groups with the French team in the semi-finals. They still have a chance to take the seventh medal in the junior championship – previously in the U20 class, the Poles twice won gold, silver and bronze. The meeting begins at 5:30 pm on Sunday.

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