This is a filling.  From party to war.  They delivered it at a restaurant - o2

The uniform of the guests of a restaurant in the Russian city of Balashikh approached. The Russians celebrated their daughter’s birthday in the restaurant, which can be heard in the recording published by the company Belsat. The man who was drafted into the army recorded the entire incident. Everything went on the Internet, despite the opposition of the policeman.

The mobilization of the army in Russia is underway. The uniform is to organize raids in random places like hotels or restaurants. In this way, they are trying to recruit as many people as possible into the army. The documents that they provide to citizens often do not have legal force. This time it fell on a man celebrating his daughter’s birthday in a restaurant.

This is a filling. From party to war. They delivered it in a restaurant

The elder of the neighborhood approached the table to announce that he had received an invitation to join the army for the man’s sake. “The goal – partial mobilization and control of the citizens,” he said. The surprised man replied: “Please tell me, what does the partial mobilization of citizens have to do with celebrating birthdays? (…) I am curious why are we sitting in a restaurant and gentlemen approach us?”

The answer was “regulation by local authorities”. The military uniform also announced that they had given the man a summons to the military headquarters. – Please take it – said the official, holding the document in the direction of the anonymous author of the recording, who did not agree to identify himself.

put it here. Where is the seal? I can make such calls myself as often as I want. rubber stamp. Where is the seal? Comrade Lieutenant Seal. (…) We are sitting in the restaurant. Gentlemen are not allowed to come to the restaurant to hand over the summons, the Russian said and the matter was completed.

The entire video can be seen below.

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