This dancer, who suffers from a rare condition, amazes the masters in the revolution

Dance is beyond physical abilities, the stimulus that moves your body to send emotions is stronger than anything. This is the message that Luca Paduveli wanted to tell during the second round of the Logilix Sunday evening Revolution.

A professional dancer for over twenty years, Lacylex is known around the world despite being physically handicapped due to arthrocryposis. The 36-year-old dancer sees participation in the show as a way of proving to everyone that if you want to do something, you are going to find the evidence to do it.

“Dancing is for everyone. It’s not necessarily a technique, but a greater expression of itself. I want to give a voice to encourage everyone with a disability to dance,” he said.

As a teenager, he started with skateboarding. “I was doing skateboarding on my knees. I created my own style to do different shapes. But after surgery to adjust the angle of my legs, I could no longer. Skateboarding was like the escape route because it was the hardest time of my life. Friends started doing break dance with me. Taken to a competition in Washington DC.I loved dancing so much.

In 2016, when his first daughter, Ara, was born, Luca became aware of her disability, almost for the first time. “Thanks to those around me, I grew up not thinking I was disabled. I always did what I wanted. But when my daughter was born, it was hard for me to figure out how to cope as a parent. At that time I was a little lost. I continued to do shows and tours, but it Not exactly happening inside.

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His wife Melissa helped him out of this depression. “She made me realize that being a dad was no different than before. I was especially worried about not being able to keep my daughter like a normal dad. I had to go downstairs to hug her, and I started to feel embarrassed. My wife gave me self-confidence again.

But this dark period allowed him to reconnect with the reasons for dancing. “Even though we are different, it’s not a negative. We all have strengths with our differences. You have to take the time to find them.”

For his revolutionary moment, Lacylex chose a very strong image. He was simply standing without his crutch, which Jean-Marc Conarex said in tears: “Life does not give gifts. You danced your life. You are a wonderful creature.”

Don’t be fooled by the look with Ivanna. Behind her shyness, her weak body and her childish voice hide a great dancer who was able to impress Lydia Bouchard. “Dancing is my way of expressing myself without words. I am always ashamed, but dance frees me up and allows me to thrive. I am often intimidated.

Younger, because I was younger and more intelligent. But on stage, others are no more, I only express what I feel deep inside me.

Ivana sees the power of dance when she sees her older sister Vienna, and she participates in it Revolution. “When I was five, I saw her dancing and wanted to be like her.”

After attending a Francophone school in Toronto, she decided to switch to an art school where she could train for several hours. Although she excelled in math and science, she did not want to stop dancing. “I took more effort and sacrifice to stop the dance overnight.”

Court photo, OSA pictures

To Justin Jackson, Revolution Indicates coming back in the middle. “I didn’t really stop, I kept dancing, but there was a lot going on in my life. I had to make time for myself. I realized that I was listening too much to those around me and that I had cut myself off from everything I wanted in life. , But paying. ”I am very comfortable dancing without music. I thought it would be nice for everyone to hear the sound of my feet. This is dangerous and very difficult because music gives energy when you dance. Justin was delighted to have Jean-Marc Canerex back in action So you think you can dance in Canada. “I don’t think he forgot me. A lot of people didn’t do what I do. He and I always had a good relationship.

After starring as a couple in the second season, Jamie wanted to come solo. “It’s very different, it’s more stressful. We see you, so everything has to be calculated and perfect. For this first step, I wanted to search for definition in my movements, I wanted to tell my story because my journey in this environment was very difficult.

Jamie has faced some setbacks over the last few years, and he has the option to return Revolution A way to leave that negativity to start a new chapter. In the first months of the infection, I did nothing. I had hurt myself before, and it took me a month or two to do anything. It was like forced rest, which was good for me. Then I went back to zoom training, I practiced at home and noticed my conference resume, the 2nd edition of which will take place in January. “It simply came to our notice then that we were meeting Jamie face to face.

  • Justin Jackson, 30, Montreal
  • 3AM, 23 and 24 years old, Montreal
  • Vienna Whitecus, 18, Toronto (excluded)
  • Willow, 22 and 23, Montreal
  • WORC, 28 to 32, Montreal (discount)
  • Ivanna Whitecus, 16, Toronto
  • Jamie Ellof, 24, Montreal
  • Janelle Hagold, 37, Montreal
  • Lacylex, 36, Boucherville
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