They were not afraid of the giant!  Great fight of Polish hockey players in the second match of the World Championship

From the beginning of the match, Sweden had the advantage, but the Poles were the first to create a dangerous situation in front of their opponents’ goal. Dominik Paś found himself in a one-on-one confrontation with the goalkeeper, but he managed to block the shot.

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Sweden’s first goal was scored in the fourth minute. Marcus Johansson played along the goal line, and one of the defenders tried to cut off the pass, but unfortunately the ball fell into the Polish goal. The Polish national team had the opportunity to respond, but Marcin Kolos did not take advantage of the opportunity. In the seventh minute, the score was 0:2. The Poles committed a foul, as Adrian Kempe took the ball, and Lucas Raymond finished it off.

In the following minutes, the Swedes still had the initiative. Polish hockey players stabilized the game in defence, and David Zabolotny successfully intervened in several situations. The Polish national team also started to counter-attack, and in the last minutes they were more exposed to the Swedish goal.

The beginning of the second half witnessed a more courageous performance by the Polish team, which attempted to score a goal through contact. Krystian Dziubiński, Dominik Paś and Patryk Krężołek tried to surprise the opposition goalkeeper but to no avail.

The Poles survived the match twice, but at the same time lost the third goal. Erik Karlsson finished a very good attack for the Swedes in the 33rd minute with a wonderful shot, and this time the Polish goalkeeper was unable to respond. The opponents increased the score, but in the second half the Poles’ performance was certainly better than the first, although they were not able to take advantage of the good play.

The Polish team’s courageous performance paid off at the start of the third period. The Polish national team again approached the opponent’s goal several times. In the 43rd minute, Alan Łyszczarczyk took advantage of the defender’s trick and controlled the ball, and although he missed the shot at the first attempt, the rebound from behind the goal turned out to be effective. The ball bounced off the Swedish goalkeeper and into the goal.

Immediately after the goal was scored, the Poles defended again while they were weak, and for the third time in this match, they escaped from the superiority of their opponents. In the 54th minute, Kamel Jurni received a four-minute penalty for hitting an opponent with a stick. This time the Swedes took advantage of the situation and reprimanded the Poles twice. Andre Burakovsky scored the fourth goal with a powerful and accurate shot. In the 56th minute, the score was already 1:5 when Victor Hedman made a solo attempt that was finished by Erik Karlsson. In the last minutes, the score did not change, although the Poles had their chance again and played with an advantage.

Summary of the Poland and Sweden match:

Mateusz Bryk was named the best player in the Polish national team. Andre Burakovsky excelled in Sweden, as he scored the fourth goal for his team, and before that he assisted the goal, making the score 0:3.

In the first match of the tournament, Poland lost to Latvia 4:5 after extra time. The next opponents for coach Robert Calaber’s team will be: France (May 14), Slovakia (May 15), USA (May 17), Germany (May 18), Kazakhstan (May 20). The top four teams from the pool will advance to the quarterfinals, and the last team in the table will be relegated to Section 1A.

Poland – Sweden 1:5 (0:2, 0:1, 1:2)

Poland: David Zabolotny – Marcin Kološ, Jakub Wanacki, Patrik Wronka, Grzegorz Passiot, Paweł Zygmunt – Maciej Kroček, Patryk Wajda, Mateusz Michalski, Krystian Dziubinski, Krzysztof Macias – Mateusz Bryk, Camille Gurny, Bartosz Vraszko, Dominik Pasch Alan Leszczarczyk – Arkadiusz Kostek, Pawel Dronia, Patrik Krizolek, Camil Valeja, Maciej Urbanović. trainer: Robert Calabre.
Sweden: Filip Gustafsson – Rasmus Dahlin, Jonas Brodin, Raymond Lucas, Joel Eriksson, Adrian Kempe – Erik Karlsson, Vikur Hedman, Andre Burakovsky, Pontus Holmberg, Marcus Johansson – Tim Head, Marcus Pettersson, Fabian Zetterlund, Isak Lundström, Vikur Olofsson Oraz Lukas Bengtsson Linus Johansson, Jesper Freuden, Karl Grundström, Max Freberg. trainer: Sam Hallam.

Objectives: 0:1 Marcus Johansson (4), 0:2 Lucas Raymond (7), 0:3 Erik Karlsson (33), 1:3 Alan Szczeszczyk (43), 1:4 Andrei Burakovsky (55), 1:5 Erik Karlsson (56).

Penalties: Poland – 10 minutes; Sweden – 4 minutes.

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