They showed the prices in Croatia. Poles rub their eyes.

Poles like to spend time in cities on the Adriatic Sea. Thousands of tourists come to Zadar and Podgora every yearLonging for relaxation at the highest level.

Not so long ago, the popularity of these resorts was due to their attractive prices and a wide range of holiday entertainment. In practice, only the latter remains. It was already cheap in Croatia.

The rest of the article is below the video. and True Croatia profile analyzed prices in Croatian resorts in 2023 and 2024. It turns out that inflation affected all proven services and products.

What should tourists be prepared for when they set off to conquer the Adriatic beaches in 2024? The price of an espresso has risen from 1.1-1.5 euros (about 6.45 PLN) to 1.6-2.2 euros (about 9.45 PLN). We will no longer pay 10 euros for a pizza, but 12 euros (about PLN 51.57).

Accommodation has also become more expensive. A year ago, we could stay in Hvar for 38 euros per night (163.31 PLN). Today, the price of accommodation is already 45-50 EUR (up to 214.88 PLN). The increase reaches 31 percent!

How much does Croatian fuel cost? In 2024, we will pay 1.38 euros (5.93 PLN) for diesel, and petrol will cost 1.47 euros (6.32 PLN) per litre. However, it is still cheaper than in Poland.

Tourist services, such as ferry crossings, have also become significantly more expensive. Why these increases? Economist Marek Zuber spoke about this in an interview with

However, other tourists commenting on the entry with price comparisons, confirm that Croatia is still “cheaper than Poland”, and that the larger resorts have wider holiday offers. So it seems that Croatia’s popularity will not diminish.

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