March 27, 2023


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They shot at Berlin.  The Russians still use this equipment - O2

They shot at Berlin. The Russians still use this equipment – O2

Russian forces suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment during the invasion of Ukraine. The supply situation of Vladimir Putin’s army is so bad that the Russians even remove howitzers from the Second World War from their military surplus. Oleksandr Kowalenko of the Ukrainian Information Resistance Group reported the case.

This says a lot, if not all, about Russia’s efforts to bring old military equipment back into service. What do you think about the wear of the barrel of this howitzer and how it is harmonious? Russian military promoters speak of the “Stalinist trait”. After all, they are not supposed to shoot such junk in the hope that their barrels will not rupture – the expert assures.

They are firing cannons older than Putin. They exchange shooting tables online

Kowalenko describes that in the years 1943-1949, the USSR produced about 2.8 thousand D-1 howitzers. Almost 700 of them were to be left in Russian warehouses.

Not all of them were able to prepare for the fight, so the actual number is lower, the specialist notes.

The appearance of the 152-mm howitzer on the front was confirmed by the Ukrainian military portal A photo of a rifle serving the Russians in the Luhansk region was posted on the Internet. It was noted that even the youngest howitzer – from 1949 – is 73 years old, three times more than the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

The Russians cannot produce new missiles. They are subject to international sanctions

According to a statement from the Main Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (GUR), the Russians do not have big problems with old artillery shells. The Ukrainian side reported that Vladimir Putin’s army has missile supplies that allow it to strike the territory of Ukraine for at least three years.

Oleksandr Kowalenko emphasized that the Russians had a problem with the latest type of missile. Because of the sanctions, they cannot even produce the Ch-47M2 Kindżał missiles. It contains more than 130 foreign components that the Russian Federation cannot obtain in a short time.

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