They run electricity through this relationship.  This was not what I expected...

Vanadium (IV) oxide turned out to be the first known chemical compound with a memory. During an experiment in the laboratory, the substance showed that it could remember past encounters with a specific stimulus, such as an electric current. Scientists in Switzerland say they have discovered a link with a real memory.

Vanadium (IV) oxide with the formula VO2 It is a very interesting relationship. It has unusual properties. Up to 68 ° C, it behaves as an insulator, while when heated to higher temperatures it changes its structure and becomes an electrical conductor and a compound sensitive to magnetism.

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Much can be said about its role in construction, including the insulation of the walls and ceiling. As an insulator for relatively high temperatures, it is ideal.

A chemical compound that has a memory. Here’s What Was Discovered About Vanadium (IV) Oxide

Swiss scientists Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne He conducted an experiment on this substance, without expecting what would happen. The aim of the study was to investigate the pace of structural change Vanadium (IV) oxide From the insulator case to the conductive case.

An electric current was passed through the compound which simultaneously heated the sample to the specified temperature. This part of the experience went as expected. However, when the experiment began a second time, the conversion rate was quite different – it has been suggested to scientists that vanadium (IV) oxide may have some kind of “memory”.

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As it turned out, the material “remembered” the previous stimulus for several hours and predicted the next stimulus. No other chemical behaves this way.

Scientists reported their discovery in the pages nature electronics. They consider it a newly discovered trait Vanadium (IV) oxide It will help build a new generation of devices that will exhibit specific memory at specific temperatures.

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