They produced fuel from lunar dust and declared a revolution

Chinese space agency The historical breakthrough is reported, thanks to which the human race will finally be able to Create a new civilization on the moon and Mars. Of course, there is still a long way to go to realize this beautiful vision, but the Chinese have managed to master the technology that allows them to produce fuel directly on the moon.

as part of Chang’e-5 . missionIn 2020, a space probe landed on the surface of the Silver Globe and sampled regolith, or lunar dust, and then transported them to Earth for more detailed research in laboratories. Now it turns out that scientists have succeeded Converting lunar dust into rocket fuel and oxygen.

Scientists They used regolith samples as an aid In the process, carbon dioxide and water emitted by astronauts are converted directly into methane and oxygen. Thus, the Chinese proved that it is possible to produce fuel directly on the Moon, and thus refuel all kinds of vehicles, mining robots and rockets. This means that the first bases can be established on the natural satellite of our planet and the age of mining in space can begin.

Not only would it be cheaper to launch rockets with space missions from the Moon or Earth orbit, but it would also be possible to put larger and heavier payloads on board the vehicles. This in turn Will allow research on foreign celestial bodies in a more advanced way. The Chinese even talk about taking the first step to turn humanity into an interplanetary civilization.

Interestingly, the Chinese recently announced this in samples taken from the moon Hel-3 has been revealedIt is a very rare isotope of helium. Scientists do not hide that the goal is to obtain larger quantities of helium-3, which would be ideal for the latest fusion reactors. Thanks to it, it will be possible to satisfy even the largest energy needs of the country and bases on foreign facilities.

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