They laughed at Świątek.  “He’s about to rip his arm off!”  But she was right

First, one summary. a year ago I will heal you He won the Roland Garros tournament, serving from the first serve at an average speed of 162 km per hour. In this year’s edition, the average is 179 kilometers per hour! No leading athlete in the world has achieved such progress. In fact, none of them come close to these numbers.

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Below is a terrible comparison of Iga’s service from last season and this season. You only have to look at the racket position to see how much the Polish tennis player’s style has changed. Now, in the early stages of the serve, he raises his right hand much higher.

The first phase of Iga Świątek (Photo: Best Muscle Video/YouTube)
The second stage of the Iga Świątek service
The second phase of the Iga Świątek service (Photo: Best Muscle Video/YouTube)
The third phase of the Iga Świątek site
The third phase of the Iga Świątek service (Photo: Best Muscle Video/YouTube)

As you can see, the movement has been shortened significantly, but the effect has gained more power. – It’s a very difficult change. I tried to do it myself as a player, but shortening the serve didn’t work for me – Joanna Sakovich-Kostaica told us when we sent her the aforementioned freeze frames.

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