January 28, 2023


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They have recreated microgravity on Earth thanks to a powerful magnetic chamber

They have recreated microgravity on Earth thanks to a powerful magnetic chamber

The breakthrough in this matter is that scholars from National High Magnetic Field LaboratoryAssociated with the University of Florida. They announced the construction of the world’s first magnetic chamber of this type, where it will be possible not only Microgravity simulation, but also for doing very important research at a fraction of the cost of today’s traditional search.

Although there are such magnetic rooms in the world, now, along Develop Integration Deans And creating powerful magnets for them, we can take this technology to a whole new level, previously unavailable to anyone in the world. The chamber under construction in the United States will provide the possibility to place it in it and simulate microgravity conditions 1,000 to 20,000 times that of larger objects.

The device is equipped with Maxwell coil and high temperature superconducting materials. The coil itself is used to create a high-intensity magnetic field, while the superconducting materials allow for a significant reduction in power requirements. room kind of Magnetic Levitation Simulation. Its main advantage is that it can be used almost continuously.

While the engineers point out that the magnetic chamber would still be too small for a human, their goal isn’t really to allocate it to us. It is located around Medical Experiences, the latest technology or food. There are also projects related to building objects on the Moon and Mars. Shipping costs for onboard experiences International Space Station It’s hundreds or even millions of dollars.

Scientists explain that it is often not profitable to do it at all, but it is thanks to them More effective details of the most serious diseases can be developedWhether to prepare food for the survival of colonists on alien worlds. In the future, these rooms will expand, so it will be possible to test larger and larger objects in them.

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