They found a black hole of inexplicable mass.  This is a great mystery

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The James Webb Space Telescope is pointed at the galaxy J1120+0641From which light has already reached Earth throughout the life of the universe. The quasar observations were analyzed by Dr Sarah Bosman, a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, who came to the conclusion that the object appears Shockingly normal It is no different from similar ones created later. Except in this case it totally was An unexpected discovery.

The shocking mass of a black hole

As we read in the Nature Astronomy publication, the black hole at the center of the galaxy J1120+0641 could weigh more than a billion solar masses. Normally, such a mass would not be unusual for supermassive black holes, but here we have an object that formed at the beginning of the universe. Astronomers don’t know How did they become so huge in such a short time and where could the materials for their growth come from?. As Bosman points out:

Astronomers explicitly say that the recorded mass cannot be explained. The results support the idea that supermassive black holes must have had large masses from the beginning and did not arise from the remnants of early stars. Instead, it had to have been created earlier, and its initial mass had to be at least 100,000. The masses of the Sun. Researchers will take a closer look at J1120+0641 and look for more clues to solve the mystery of the unexplained mass.

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