They discovered the "heavenly pit".  Scientists were surprised by what was inside [ZDJĘCIA]

Detected In Lye County to the south Chinain the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The new China News Agency (Xinhua) reported that the hole was 192 meters deep and 150 meters wide, and speleologists and speleologists who entered the hole noticed The entrances to at least three caves and trees 40 meters high, that climb towards the sun’s rays coming from the hatch.

Unusual hole in China. Inside, tall trees and possibly unknown beings

Discovery It was not surprising to specialists. George Finney, executive director of the National Cave Research Institute and Karst, told Live Science United States of AmericaAnd This area is famous for its amazing karst formations And the emergence of sewers in the ground. To date, 30 such pathways have been discovered.

Its composition is favored by precipitation. Rainwater is slightly acidic as it flows through the soil and absorbs carbon dioxide as well Acquires acidity. As it continues to navigate through cracks in the rock, extends them. At one point, ceilings Caves become weak enough to collapse, Just create such unusual formations.

Experts believe that the rich vegetation at the bottom of the hole can It indicates, with a certain probability, the presence of organisms at the bottom that science has not yet known. Giant sewers what the Chinese refer to “Tianqing”, which means “heavenly pit”, Located not only in this country. Aside from the Middle Kingdom, these structures can also be found in great numbers including. in Mexico and Papua New Guinea.

source: youtube / twitter

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