March 21, 2023


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They chose nine caves on Mars.  They can become a refuge for people

They chose nine caves on Mars. They can become a refuge for people

During the Geological Society of America’s 2022 Connections meeting in Denver, scientists presented nine caves on Mars worth exploring in the future. They are all located near the landing sites available for the light vehicle.

“Everything on Mars is exposed to extreme radiation, possibly micrometeorite or meteor bombardment, and large temperature fluctuations from day to night,” said University of Arizona geologist Nicole Bardaplias, presenting Selected Caves. The scientist noted that they could offer astronauts “a respite from the challenging environment of Mars,” the New York Times reported.

Bardabelias and her colleagues selected nine caves from the 139 rock formations for which they have pictures. One of the selection criteria was the availability of stock heads. The idea was to choose the ones that are close to where you can land. The second criterion was high-quality photographs that allow to assess the size of the caves. The scientist explained that the selected caves should be examined in detail, but none of the rovers currently operating on Mars are close enough. For this reason, this task falls to the spacecraft that is currently orbiting the Red Planet.

“It is a good thing that we are again seeking refuge in caves as we prepare to explore new worlds. It takes us until the dawn of humanity,” Glenn Cushing, a space scientist at the USGS Astrogeological Science Center and founder of the global Mars Cave Candidate catalog, told the New York Times. .

Source: “The New York Times”

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