They are looking for Poles to work.  Even 8 thousand PLN, and the job is not difficult

The Internet is full of advertisements related to working abroad. It’s not just about picking asparagus or strawberries, it’s also about providing 24-hour care for the elderly and sick Germans. This is a very demanding and laborious task – it is associated with strong emotions. There are stressful situations. How are the neighbors to the west paying for this hard work? We have checked different offers. Among those in need of care is a Dortmund resident who suffers from heart problems and recently suffered from pneumonia. The agency organizing the trips confirms that the man is nice and does not suffer from dementia. How much will the person who will cook for him and help him maintain hygiene earn?

The advertisement stressed that either a woman or a man can take care of an elderly man. Before we present what Germany offers to the Poles, a to-do list. Whoever moves to Dortmund has to cook and shop for the old man. Responsibilities also include assistance with clothing and hygiene. The man is trying to use the toilet, but he is also wearing a diaper that needs changing. Good knowledge or communication of the German language is required.

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