They are crowding out Russia in the commodity markets.  They have already started their attack

Competition with Russia in the main Asian markets gives Australia The possibility of filling the void that the Kremlin was forced to leave as a result of the sanctions, Al Jazeera English-language channel wrote on Monday on its website.

gas and coal

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine Australia has significantly increased its exports of liquefied natural gas and coal. Woodside, Australia’s largest LNG exporter, has reported increased demand for this raw material in democratic Asian countries.

An additional nine cargoes were shipped to South Korea and Japan in March – Delivered by the Foundation. Australian coal miners have also shown record interest.

Australian Renewable Energy

Analysts point out that in the near future Australian renewable energy can also capture the market. The world’s largest solar farm will be operational in the north of the country in the second half of this decade.

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As part of the project known as Australia-Asia PowerLink, it is expected to ship its operator to Singapore and then to Indonesia, Most of the 20 gigawatts of power is produced there.

However, the challenge is evident in Asia more deeply The trend towards energy self-sufficiency and a possible reversal of electricity and fossil fuel imports – Prominent analyst Bruce Robertson of the IEEFA Research Center in an interview with Al Jazeera.



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