They act like peasants.  Grabara unleashed a storm

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Simon Michalsky

Kamil Grabara’s life was not easy. During the match against Sparta Prague, the fans made it hard for him and threw things at him. Pole referred to these events in frank words.

Copenhagen FC drew 3-3 with Sparta Prague on Tuesday after 120 minutes of play, and everything was decided by penalty kicks. In them, the Danes fared better, winning 4: 2 and advancing to the next round, where they will face Raku Czestochowa.

Kamel Grabara attended the meeting. Fans who watched this match noticed that after each goal of his team in overtime, the Pole incited the fans of Sparta. The 24-year-old told the reasons for his behavior in an interview with portal.

– They threw lighters and other things at me, like sausages. So I think I have every right to do so. But all is well. I appreciate the house lovers, Grabara said, even if they behave like peasants.

Watch the video: The Black Months of PZPN. What then? “I’m getting uninteresting.”

Strictly sport is a separate issue. The Polish goalkeeper was hailed as a Copenhagen hero. Let us remind you that Grabara saved one of the penalty kicks, which, with the correct execution of “11 kicks” by his teammates, gave the Danish team a promotion.

Penalty kicks are much easier than you think. I knew where the players would shoot, so I knew we’d win if we scored four goals.

The Polish goalkeeper was assisted by a specially prepared penalty-saving card by Asger Sorensen. There’s been a hint about how every Sparta Prague player has taken penalty kicks lately (more here).

“I knew that the player who spoiled the penalty kick by kicking the ball into the middle of the goal also spoiled the penalty kick five years ago in Germany. I’ve learned over the years that players want revenge and they want to score the same way, erasing that bad memory. That’s why I knew he was going to kick. In the middle,” Grabara explained.

In the end, the match had a happy ending for the Copenhagen club. However, the situation was changing like a kaleidoscope. Once the visitors were in the lead, then the hosts. Penalties should be the deciding factor.

– It was a really difficult meeting. I expected more from us, especially when we took the lead. We should have taken our chances. I think we let our competitors down too much – Grabara told

“The first goal conceded was unacceptable. But then the fighting got crazy. Thanks to all the guys. We never give up. It’s been a long time since I conceded three goals, but maybe it’s fair because they created so many chances.”

Let us add that the first match between FC Copenhagen and Rakó Czestochowa will take place on August 22 (Tuesday) in Sosnowiec. Rematch after a week.

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