These will be the cash payment limits.  If you exceed this amount, you will no longer pay cash

The government wants to limit the circulation of cash, and to achieve this, an end to cash payments will be placed between the consumer and the businessman. The rules for settlement between entrepreneurs will also be tightened – the payment limit applicable here will be significantly reduced. When will the new rules come into effect?

The government has announced changes to the cash limit for several months. Initially, the new rules were to come into force at the beginning of this year, but the date has been pushed back. The mortgage loan law signed by the president stipulates that they will go into effect on January 1, 2024.

Since 2017, entrepreneurs have been restricted in cash payments. Transactions on the Entrepreneur line cannot be paid in cash for amounts over PLN 15,000. zlotys. A company that pays cash above this limit cannot include the expense as tax costs. Under the new law, the limit will be lowered. However, this will not happen before 2024.

Novelty introduced by law There will be a limit of cash payments between the consumer and the entrepreneurA – This means that cash payments over a certain amount will be blocked. From what amount is payment from the bank account mandatory? Read the details in the gallery below.

The changes will have several effects:

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